NHG Timber Ltd has now been trading for 40 years developing new source areas and widening its product portfolio, and is presently trading with over sixty-five countries and offering a wide range of products. NHG Timber Ltd is a del Credere agent specialising in hardwood. We represent quality Suppliers offering a wide range of products including lumber, logs, boules, semi-finished products and much more…

Our commitment to the environment

The benefits of managing and protecting the world’s forest resources are universally accepted. It is the responsibility of any timber company to promote the legal procurement and sustainable management of timber resources. NHG Timber has been closely engaged with the development of sustainable forest management by our suppliers, constantly supporting and encouraging their efforts. Over the years, there is no denying that awareness of environmental issues relating to forestry has increased, and at the same time, the response of the trade in answering those concerns has developed in equal measure. Wood is recognised as one of the very few truly renewable resources and we support its continued use for a wide range of applications.

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Staff Celebration – NHG 40th Anniversary Posted On: 10/11/2021

To celebrate the Company’s 40th Anniversary in 2021, NHG Timber took its staff away for a weekend of fun during the first week of October.  The venue was in a wonderful location in the Suffolk countryside, a couple of hour’s drive from the office. The staff were treated to Ben’s magnificent fire lighting skills, Stuart’s […]

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This year marks a historic landmark in the history of NHG Timber. It was 40 years ago that Nick Goodwin returned from working in West Africa to start a new venture, setting up his own Hardwood Agency, to supply clients based in the UK market. This seems an opportune time to reflect on what has […]

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Middle East Timber Design & Technology Magazine Posted On: 23/11/2020

As one of the leading Hardwood Timber Agents in the Middle East, we continue to promote our brand across the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. To view our most recent articles in Timber & Design Technology Magazine, please click on the following links News Article – NHG Timber (Dec 2020) […]

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