Karen Jolly celebrates 20th Anniversary at NHG!

Karen Jolly celebrates 20 years at NHG Timber
We at NHG are blessed with a number of long serving staff, and Karen is most certainly one of these having passed the 20 year milestone with us in June 2023.  She has had the dubious privilege of having worked directly with 4 of the current and ex- directors of the company.  So, you could say she has detailed knowledge of all the sales and procurement areas we have at NHG, and has dealt with the wide variety of characters that are NHG Traders!
All have benefitted from her unwavering support and willingness to get stuck in to get the job done.  Popular with her colleagues, she takes a lead role in the office as well as on the company socials!  Karen started her career at a paper company, then moved to a timber company, so perhaps the next logical step for her would be working in a forest somewhere?  We can’t see that, 20 years and counting, she must like it here at NHG…
Congratulations Karen from all of your team, and here’s to many more years at NHG!