Service to our Buyers

At NHG Timber our traders are responsible for both selling and procuring their products. They travel extensively, regularly visiting both their clients and suppliers and in so doing are always in possession of crucial market, product and shipping knowledge that is relevant and up to date. The traders are supported by their own trader’s assistant and an administration department responsible for ensuring accurate and timely documentation to support your orders and shipments. Some of the key services that our buyers benefit from are:

  • First hand market information and product expertise. Our traders can always give you sound, up to date advice on product, pricing and availability based on their regular trips to source areas.
  • Quality Control. We have long term partnerships with all our suppliers who are well versed in the quality requirements of the markets we sell to. Regular visits by our traders ensure that the high standards we expect are always maintained.
  • Reliable Shipments. We maintain close working relationships with our Suppliers to ensure shipments meet Buyers’ expectations arriving at the right place at the right time.
  • Payment Options. At NHG we can be flexible with ensuring the payment terms agreed suit your business needs. All we ask is that our buyers pay on due date!
  • Continuity of Supply. A key service to our Buyers is the continuity of supply. Our aim is always to achieve long term regular business whereby our clients can rely on the quality, branding and regular supply from particular shippers that suit their specific business needs.
  • Recognising your Individual needs. All our buyers are unique and we aim to match your individual requirements with the most suitable shippers.
  • Due Diligence. Our traders are well versed in trade legislation and are continuously collating documentation, spending time in the field making 2nd party traceability checks and liaising with various industry stakeholders. Our buyers can be confident that the shippers we are buying from comply with industry legislation.


Service to our Suppliers

Our diverse range of markets, distributed around the globe presents our suppliers with a unique opportunity to sell a broad range of primary and secondary species, products, dimensions and grades through one outlet with absolute financial security.

  • First hand market information. Our traders can always give you sound, up to date advice on current and future demand for different species according to their knowledge of market conditions.
  • Product range. Due to the nature of our global markets we have the opportunity to buy a wide variety of both primary and secondary species. We are also well placed to find markets for recuperation sizes and grades.
  • Guaranteed and timely payment. NHG Timber guarantees to pay on time without fail.
  • Product expertise. Our traders are specialists in their field and are well qualified to market your products in a professional manner and to promote new species on your behalf.
  • Rapid, professional and fair resolution of problems. NHG Timber will represent our Suppliers in any claim and will resolve problems to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved. No dispute that the company has been involved in has ever had to be settled by resorting to outside arbitration.
  • Continuity of business. We aim to secure long term partners for your products, developing programmes where possible to give you the certainty you need require for the distribution of your production.