The Team


Guy Goodwin /Director

Taking over from his father Nick as Managing Director, Guy had a tough act to follow. However, having already worked at NHG for 13 years, he was well prepared to take over the reins. During that time he has built up several key parts of the business focussing on West African supply, proving his worth as an effective trader and business manager. Staff, clients and suppliers have benefitted from his sympathetic approach and calm, friendly disposition.

One thing that you might not know about Guy is… he is a keen sportsman and still plays cricket, golf and hockey in the spare time that he has.

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Ben Goodwin /Director

From an early age Ben aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a trader in West African hardwoods. His early career was spent gaining valuable practical knowledge in sawmills in France and the U.S.A., which has given him a superb grounding in species and technical knowledge of timber. Regular and frequent visits to suppliers in Africa supplement his technical and market knowledge. Ben has become a well respected timber professional amongst both suppliers and customers alike – his infectious humour and easy going nature also account for his popularity.

One thing that you might not know about Ben is… He is an excellent French speaker.

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Stuart McBride /Director

Starting with NHG in 1995, Stuart has seen many changes over the years and witnessed the development of NHG Timber into a major international timber trading company. He has also seen the development of Guy and Ben into very effective traders. Focussing on North and South American timbers, these have been useful additions to the core African supply areas, as has clear softwoods from the Pacific North West.

One thing that you might not know about Stuart is… He is an accomplished musician, having played double and electric bass all his life in various Rock, Jazz, Folk and Country bands.

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Ben Jenn /Trader

Ben is now in his second stint at NHG Timber, having started with the business in 2007 fresh out of university Ben was trained up to be responsible for trading Far Eastern Hardwoods at the company. In 2012 Ben went on to pastures new at a leading timber importer within the UK where he further enhanced his knowledge of the trade and wide range of products it has to offer. Ben was welcomed back to NHG Timber in 2018 where he has taken over the European and Far Eastern Trading responsibilities for the business and is flourishing in his new role.

One thing that you might not know about Ben is… he is a keen sportsman, captaining and chairing his local Badminton club, whilst also being an enthusiastic supporter of Charlton Athletic FC, however being a new parent Ben cannot make it to as many games as he might like to!

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Vincent Audant /Trader

Vincent joined NHG Timber in 2022, leaving France after varied experiences in the timber industry in Indonesia, Ivory Coast and French Burgundy as a salesperson, first briefly in furniture manufacturing, then more extensively in sawmills and veneer factories. He has always been very close to and passionate about the resource and the technical aspects of transformation, certainly since he grew up with the smell of chestnut shavings at his grandfather's workshop.

The stories brought back from Senegal by his uncle, a teacher in the framework of French cooperation in Africa, undoubtedly explain his interest in this continent.

Originally from the southern French Alps, Vincent enjoys hiking, trout fishing in the mountains, wide open spaces and bivouacs, remote travels and working on vintage vehicles.

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Traders' Assistants

Karen Jolly

Karen has worked for NHG Timber since 2003. She is currently enjoying working with our main suppliers in West Africa and buyers in UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East. The most interesting and memorable place she has visited with work is the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Outside of work, her favourite activities are pilates classes, skiing, rock music festivals and trying out new vegan restaurants and recipes.

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Vanessa Cawthra

Vanessa joined NHG Timber in 2016, as a as a Trader's Assistant, covering America and Europe. She enjoys the variety of work and the busy working environment. The highlight to date is visiting our suppliers and experiencing first-hand how the material is produced.

Away from work Vanessa loves spending time with her husband and two teenage daughters. She enjoys socialising with friends, drinking red wine (which is often needed after a busy day at the office!) and enjoys yoga, drawing, walking her dog and can’t wait for the sun to shine.

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Francesca West

Francesca joined NHG Timber in January 2022 and is working closely with Karen and Vanessa
to support the Traders in every aspect of their business and is enjoying learning as much as
she can about the timber trade.

Outside of the office Francesca enjoys long walks and being in the sunshine.
Bottomless brunching and going to festivals are also favourite activities.

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Shipping & Administration

Paul Randall

Paul joined the Administration team at NHG Timber in 2012. He works closely with his colleagues, making sure that all the paperwork from our suppliers is in order and the paperwork going out to our customers is in excellent order.

Paul cycles over 7 miles to work nearly every day and back (weather permitting), as this is the quickest way to get around (beats sitting in traffic). He is also a “Mickey Mouse” fanatic, but don’t tell anyone!!

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Louiza Mills

Louiza joined NHG Timber in 2018. She works closely with Paul, Aiste and Ben, and continues to learn all she can about the process of timber trading.

Away from work, Louiza’s interests include drawing, writing terrible stories, looking after her three nephews and generally chilling out with her cat and a good book. She can also occasionally be located at a Sci-Fi convention with other like-minded fans.

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Aiste Kavaliauskaite

Aiste joined NHG Timber in 2020, working closely with Paul, Louiza and Ben in the Admin Team. Her previous work background is in freight forwarding and she is always very keen to put her extensive knowledge in this field to good use whilst learning more about the timber trade.

Aiste is proud of her Lithuanian heritage, loves to travel and being a very enthusiastic cook, she is always keen to try new recipes she has brought back from her trips. She is also a big fan of quizzes and board games, which suits her very competitive spirit, as she is always ready for a good challenge.

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Ben Lee /

Ben relocated from Hong Kong to the UK with his family and joined NHG Timber in 2022. He is working closely with Paul, Louiza and Aiste in the Admin Team. He has hands-on experience across a range of Logistics Operations functions including air/ocean inbound and outbound transportation, warehouse & inventory management, amongst others.

In his spare time, he likes going for a walk or a hike in nature with friends and family. He also loves playing table tennis, badminton and solving sudoku puzzles. All these activities keep him positive and calm-minded.

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Gemma Gray /Accountant

Gemma joined NHG Timber in 2020 and brings a wealth of experience, having worked previously for one of the world’s most prestigious accountancy firms as well as a diverse range of SMEs. Gemma is a hugely positive influence in the office, whilst she says she enjoys the calm, friendly and professional nature of the Company.

In her spare time, Gemma loves being outdoors in the sun whether it is spending time with her young children, family and friends or cycling. She is a dedicated “foodie”, always trying new recipes and travelling to as many countries as time allows.